In the United States will not tighten norms of fuel consumption - Car

In the United States will not tighten norms of fuel consumption - CarThe U.S. Senate on Tuesday refused to consider amendments on the reduction of the allowable fuel consumption of the car is 1.5 times, which was made by a Democrat from Illinois Richard Durbin.The senators believe that the amendments turbine can damage the American automotive industry and cause unemployment, reports the Free Press.According to the amendments turbine, by 2015, the manufacturers had to increase the mileage of their cars with one gallon of fuel in the tank (3,8 liters) up to 40 miles. In other words, the fuel consumption should not exceed 6 litres per 100 kmToday these standards for passenger cars set at the level of 20.7 miles on 1 gallon of fuel (11,5 liters per 100 km).At the same time Senator Durbin demanded stricter fuel consumption for off-road vehicles by 2015 to the level of 27.5 miles on 1 gallon (is 8.6 liters per 100 km). Today, standards for machines of this class are at the level of passenger buses.As we reported earlier, some representatives of the U.S. administration on transport safety (NHTSA) supported the tightening of rules and said that the transition will take place gradually, beginning in 2008.Instead, NHTSA according to the results of yesterday's session of the Senate was given a task to prepare proposals for the monitoring of fuel consumption in transport not only with regard to ecology, but also taking into account economic conditions, including unemployment rates, as well as opportunities for U.S. automakers.This decision of the Senate, according to Free Press, lobbied not only the automobile producers, but also the White House. Читать полностью -->

VW will invest 240 million euros in the plant motors in China

VW will invest 240 million euros in the plant motors in China The company was conceived as a joint venture and will come on line in 2005. It will manufacture engines for younger models Volkswagen Polo, the Assembly of which is established in China a year and a half ago.In the first year, the annual production capacity will be 180 000 motors, in the future, the partners agreed on the gradual expansion of capacity, which will require additional investment. In the future, the performance engine of the VW plant in Shanghai is expected to grow to 300,000 engines per year.Recall that Volkswagen is the leading automaker in China and controls about a third of the local market. He has the largest car Assembly company, created as a joint venture with a local company First Automotive Works, which is among the ten largest in the world.VW produces in China as outdated Santana sample 70s, produced in Brazil and penultimate models including Passat, Audi 4, Audi 6, Audi 8 and newest Polo.In the first half of China came in first place in the number of cars sold by Volkswagen, ahead of Germany.02.10.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

The first victory of the Solberg

The first victory of the Solberg The victory at the final stage of the world championship rally of great Britain celebrated the pilot Subaru's Petter Solberg for which this "gold" was the first in his career. In addition, the English victory allowed brought the Norwegian title of Vice-champion.On the final day of the race before Petter had a difficult task to cope with the pressure from the pilot Ford Markko Martin (Ford) and Richard burns (Peugeot). Both showed good speed and Solberg was for them in the "line of sight".2 stages to the finish line leader Solberg was separated from Martin a little more than 10 seconds. However, on last stages Estonian looked very pale, and, ultimately, lost to the winner almost half minutes.For Richard burns race ended shortly before the finish, when the rail tracks he broke his Peugeot. "I acumulo pressed the starter button, although we knew from the beginning that my car does not leave the trees." - later told burns.The gathering of burns brought bronze Carlos Sainz, for whom this race would probably be the last for the team Ford. Four points has allowed the Spaniard to get around in the overall standings of his partner in a "deep oval" Colin McRae and take a final third place.The results of the rally UK:1. Читать полностью -->

Ford will begin production of the Ford Focus 2004

Ford will begin production of the Ford Focus 2004 Ford in September 2003. will begin production of the Ford Focus, model year 2004 at its Russian plant, according to the materials prepared for the press conference, Ford VI Moscow international motor show.Among the changes provided for in the car, presents: "pockets" in the sides of the front doors, manual seat adjustment in four directions, install the cabin filter, climate control, a choice of leather trim. However, as reported by the representative of the company, the cost of the car with a base set of changes will remain the same.The cost of the investment project of the Ford factory, in Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad region) will be $ 150 million. The production capacity of the plant is 25 thousand cars per year with the possibility of increasing production up to 100 thousand cars per year. In 2003. the plant is expected to produce 15 thousand cars Ford Focus.Source: www.autonews.ru25.08.2003. Читать полностью -->

DaimlerChrysler fires Americans

DaimlerChrysler fires Americans American concern Chrysler has cut 250 jobs and another 400 transferred to the reserve from the total number of 2500 people employed at the engine plant in Trenton.Reductions associated with the transfer of primary production to 3.5 liter engine to another plant in Wisconsin, as well as the General decline in production.Engine plant in Trenton still produced up to 1 million engines per year. Meanwhile, the local Union have long suspected about the upcoming layoffs.The first call to reinforce these suspicions was achieved on the eve of an agreement with DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai on the creation of new joint Metroproject in the U.S., Dundee.According to plans, the new joint plant must earn in 2005, it currently employs 170 workers.Source: "Behind the wheel". . . . . Читать полностью -->

UAZ in the first quarter of 2003. increased deliveries of cars for export at 55%

UAZ in the first quarter of 2003. increased deliveries of cars for export at 55% OJSC "Ulyanovsk automobile plant (UAZ) in the first quarter of 2003. exported 3 thousand 123 car and vehicle set, 55% more than in the same period of 2002, the press service of the enterprise. Delivery of the vehicles was carried out in 21 countries of the world. Exports for the most part fell on CIS countries and Eastern Europe, and Vietnam (563 PCs), Angola (100 pieces), Afghanistan (166 units) and Mongolia (172 items).17.04.2003. . Читать полностью -->

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