Russian new "motor show"

Russian new AVTOVAZ will represent a promising model C-class, codenamed "Project-2116". This machine should go into series production in 2010. Will be on VAZ stand and new this year - "Kalina". Russian giant will also present Priora, previously known as "Project-2170", and shown to be not only the sedan, but the hatchback of this series. And fans of Russian Motorsport will be able to look at the sensational at last year's auto show Lada Revolution.The special collection will be presented versions of "Niva" (called "Force"), and "Hope" ("Inkas"), all terrain vehicle "March" and "March-2 and environmentally friendly universal transport module Brontosaur" with an electric powertrain. All these cars represented company "BRONTO".Will be at the exhibition and tuning "ten" from the dealer of Eleks-Polus. Читать полностью -->

Ford Galaxy will be put on steroids

Ford Galaxy will be put on steroids At the Geneva motor show Ford unveiled a concept SAV - Sport Activity Vehicle. Despite the conceptuality of the name itself, this project is none other than the successor of Galaxy minivan, which will present next year. The European division of Ford in the development of the new model really wanted to give Galaxy physicality and aggressiveness, which lacked a large "Bumpkin" of the previous generation.According to representatives of Ford, is more important in the SAV - a dynamic lines that make the silhouette minivan rapid and more sports. In a rather aggressive style is solved and the front part of the car - a huge mouth of the air intake in the bumper, hood complex shape, covering the headlights, which is clearly evil frowned. The designers managed to get rid of "avtobusnoto" inherent in the rear part of the American minivan. "Blame" in this light (too bad squint) and rear window trapezoidal shape. Читать полностью -->

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