Mitsubishi introduces a new Colt CZ3

Mitsubishi introduces a new Colt CZ3 Mitsubishi Motors has released the first official pictures of the new Colt CZ3, which will be available in early 2005.This version will be shorter than its 5-door sister, with a lower roof line, wide nut, enlarged doors and rear side Windows in the form of semi-circle. It cannot be called simply a shortened version of all the external panels (except for the hood and front bumper) was developed specifically for this model, and were not taken with a 5-door hatchback, and has a much more sporty. The new car will get the label Colt CZ3, and charged version with engine with 150 HP will be called Colt CZT.All models will receive either a 5-speed manual gearbox, or semiautomatic Allshift, and a choice of four engines: 1.1-liter 75 HP, 1.3-liter 95 HP, polutoralitrovom power 109 HP diesel engine of the same volume with power of 95 HPColt CZT designed specifically for young racing fans: only this version will be the engine MIVEC Turbo DOHC with 16 valves, developing 150 HP and reaches a hundred km/h in 8 seconds. Its top speed is 210 km/h World premiere Colt CZT will be held at the Paris motor show in September this year.14.07.2004. . . Читать полностью -->

The constitutional court may cancel CTP

The constitutional court may cancel CTP The constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on Tuesday, will start the verification of constitutionality of the Federal law "On mandatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners".As have informed "Interfax" the press service of the constitutional court, requests the court addressed the group of deputies of the State Duma, the State Assembly of the Republic of Altai and the Volgograd regional Duma. Applicants believe that it is unacceptable to force citizens to the conclusion of the insurance contract. From their point of view, it infringes on the property rights of citizens, and for certain categories of citizens, such as the poor or pensioners, the application of this law leads to the deprivation of the right to use their property, since in the absence of CTP policy is tantamount to a ban on the use of a private car.Applicants believe that the enforcement of the contract of compulsory insurance is contrary not only to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil code, according to which the citizens and legal entities are free to contract. Forced to the conclusion of a contract is not permitted; the duty to insure your life or health may not be imposed upon a citizen by law. They indicate that many citizens perceive the contract of insurance as an additional tax. Particularly unfair, according to the applicants, the law to those drivers who for many years have never been involved in crashes. Читать полностью -->

The milestone of 20,000 rpm in Formula 1 unattainable

The milestone of 20,000 rpm in Formula 1 unattainable The milestone of 20,000 rpm in Formula 1 unreachable - the head of BMW Motorsport. Last year the BMW mechanics managed to reach the milestone of 19000 rpm According to recent reports, that mark has already reached and engineers of Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda. According to Mario Thiessen, head of BMW Motorsport, further progress in this direction will slow down, because the focus now will be on reliability - indeed, in 2004, only one engine is required to use during the race weekend.I am sure that in Formula 1 mark 19000 rpm will go many. All attempts to move in this direction, however, are unlikely to be achieved substantial progress. I think nobody will be able to get 20000 rpm now much prevents further increase of engine speed, said Thiessen.18.03.2003. . Читать полностью -->

Team McLaren is preparing for the Grand Prix of Germany

Team McLaren is preparing for the Grand Prix of Germany This weekend in Hockenheim will be the next stage of the Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Germany.On the eve of the German stage pilots McLaren Mercedes Kimi Raikkonen and David Coulthard are respectively the second and seventh in the world championship, and the team is third in the Cup of designers with 95 points.`The Hockenheimring is one of the fastest tracks in the championship, says about the track David Coulthard. And it remains a real challenge for technology. To overtake in several places, for example in stilettos `Parabolic`. Last year the Hockenheimring has undergone renovation, and now there is no fast long straight, has dramatically changed the approach to the settings. In some ways it is even easier - no need now to look for a compromise between `fast` and `slow` settings`.`It is a home race for Mercedes-Benz, " continues Kennedy. and we hope to show a good result before the German fans and the employees of the plant. Читать полностью -->

Alfa Romeo "TI" for tourists-internationals

Alfa Romeo Italian manufacturer of luxury cars revives the series "TI" (Tourismo Internationale, made famous by the legendary model Alfa Giulia T. I. Super sample 1963 (photo below).Alfa Romeo launched on the market in the performance of "TI"almost the whole line of their cars in execution. Today, dealers are taking orders for the model Alfa 147 TI, Alfa 156 TI, Alfa Sportwagon TI and Alfa 166 TI (photo).down "TI" are considered as a further development of the prestigious series "GTA" and more on their 1500-2500 Euro. The car is distinguished by an exclusive aluminum pads rapids, seat upholstery and wall elements of the interior of black leather and luxury suspension.ldsa Alfa 147 TI, like GTA, equipped with a 250-horsepower engine, however, is available only in three-door version with a 17-inch low profile wheels dimension 215/45, dimmed lights and a spoiler. The model 147 TI hotpockets 22 050 euros.hotel 156 TI versions of the sedan and wagon also comes with a similar version GTA 2 litre JTS motor and has the same differences that 147-I (except for the spoiler). Читать полностью -->

Italian Baja. Russians are among the winners

Italian Baja. Russians are among the winners Last Sunday ended the first world Cup stage of the rally-RAID and the stage of the FIA Trophy for raids) Italian Baja.This year the factory team Mitsubishi, Nissan and Volkswagen put in the Cup several crews, which, of course, hampered the performance of private pilots.In an absolute victory Hiroshi Masuoka, the second was his partner Mitsubishi Stephane Peterhansel.Two of the three that started in Italy Russian crew got to finish the RAID. Both crew - GPS/Queens (Nissan Pathfinder) and Shmakov/Kazuba (Mercedes ML) were in the category of T1, in which the second and third places.21.03.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

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