Opel has developed subcompact concept

Opel has developed subcompact concept At the auto show in Geneva, Opel will show another interesting novelty - subcompact concept car, named the Opel Trixx. This novelty is not only for its miniature size, but also a number of unusual solutions applied in the design of the interior of the car.The wheelbase of the new items is equal to two meters, and its overall length is only three meters. The width of the car - 1,65 meters, and its height - and 1.54-meter. This Opel Tixx can carry up to adults and one child. The first unusual solution - it's a bouncy seat of the second row. In normal condition the car is in a sense a triple tool movement - two seats in the front, and one child behind, placed behind the driver. Читать полностью -->

Russian new "motor show"

Russian new AVTOVAZ will represent a promising model C-class, codenamed "Project-2116". This machine should go into series production in 2010. Will be on VAZ stand and new this year - "Kalina". Russian giant will also present Priora, previously known as "Project-2170", and shown to be not only the sedan, but the hatchback of this series. And fans of Russian Motorsport will be able to look at the sensational at last year's auto show Lada Revolution.The special collection will be presented versions of "Niva" (called "Force"), and "Hope" ("Inkas"), all terrain vehicle "March" and "March-2 and environmentally friendly universal transport module Brontosaur" with an electric powertrain. All these cars represented company "BRONTO".Will be at the exhibition and tuning "ten" from the dealer of Eleks-Polus. Читать полностью -->

Ford Galaxy will be put on steroids

Ford Galaxy will be put on steroids At the Geneva motor show Ford unveiled a concept SAV - Sport Activity Vehicle. Despite the conceptuality of the name itself, this project is none other than the successor of Galaxy minivan, which will present next year. The European division of Ford in the development of the new model really wanted to give Galaxy physicality and aggressiveness, which lacked a large "Bumpkin" of the previous generation.According to representatives of Ford, is more important in the SAV - a dynamic lines that make the silhouette minivan rapid and more sports. In a rather aggressive style is solved and the front part of the car - a huge mouth of the air intake in the bumper, hood complex shape, covering the headlights, which is clearly evil frowned. The designers managed to get rid of "avtobusnoto" inherent in the rear part of the American minivan. "Blame" in this light (too bad squint) and rear window trapezoidal shape. Читать полностью -->

Oettinger presented the tuning program for the Audi A4 Avant

Oettinger presented the tuning program for the Audi A4 Avant German Studio Oettinger, which is famous for its completion hire Volkswagen has introduced a new tuning program for Audi A4. After over a 1.8-liter turbo engine experts worked Oettinger, its capacity increased to 100 HP to 270 HP, the Engine was a large nozzle, additional cooling of the turbine, the more efficient the turbine and sports exhaust system. The maximum torque of the engine is increased from 225 to 390 Nm. The cost of these modifications will cost 9.990€.100 km/h wagon reaches for 6.5 seconds, and its maximum speed is 250 km/h in order to improve the manageability, Oettinger offer sports suspension (1.290€) and 18-inch wheels (320 euros for each). To improve braking dynamics can install high-performance braking system with discs with a diameter of 322 mm. It will cost more in 3.650€.11.03.2003. Читать полностью -->

`Lada` received two years probation

`Lada` received two years probation AvtoVAZ, faced with the crisis of overproduction, presents one surprise after another. Raised in August, prices have fallen back and maybe even fall. For all dealers new unified mark-UPS. And now the warranty period is increased to two years. `This is an additional cost, but at the same time puts before us the task of further improving quality`, - foldable said on this occasion, Vladimir Kadannikov. Limitation of miles still left to 30 thousand, so those who are traveling to use the innovation will fail.But, of course, it's not the time and miles, and convenience, rather, the possibility of this guarantee to receive. Читать полностью -->

Gronholm and Loeb called rally drivers of the year

Gronholm and Loeb called rally drivers of the year The prestigious jury of the Race of Champions called Marcus Gronholm and Sebastian Loeb's best rally drivers. Two-time world champion Marcus Gronholm received the title of rally driver of the year, and last year's winner of the youth championship Super 1600 Sebastian Loeb - the title of the Sensation of the year in the rally.The jury, composed of 12 judges includes many well-known in the world rally names, including managers of all teams participating in the world Cup. The jury is the founder of the Race of Champions, world Vice champion 1982 Michelle Mouton.. . . . Читать полностью -->

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