NEW DUTIES will KILL the RUSSIAN AUTOMOTIVE industry Ministry of industry and science for the second time in the last month attempting to increase import duties on cars at the age of 3-7 years. If earlier the government had proposed to equate with `customs clearance` and private individuals, now there are plans to increase the duty from 25% to 35%.Recall now that individuals can clear your car as by the so-called aggregate customs payment (customs duty of 25%, excise, VAT), and at the same rate (applies only to cars older than 3 years). In this case, the Treasury paid 0,85 Euro each `cube` with the engine capacity of 2.5 liters and 1.4 euros at a rate of more than 2.5 liters. The latter option is cheaper, but ordinary citizens can only use once a year. (Compare fees and independently calculate the fees you can go on AUTOMATIC CALCULATION of PAYMENTS). Legal entity cyclicality cars only `complex scheme`.The proposal of the Ministry of industry and science, headed by Ilya Klebanov is to equate private legal persons. Читать полностью -->

In Renault's new Vice President of purchasing

In Renault's new Vice President of purchasing The Board of the company Renault has appointed Odile Desforges on March 1, Vice-President for relations with suppliers and Chairman of the Board of the organization for procurement for Renault-Nissan.53-year-old Desforges will replace these positions of Jean-Baptiste Ducane, which passes on to another post in the group.09.03.2003. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Tokyo motor show: the new face of Subaru

Tokyo motor show: the new face of Subaru Subaru will unveil at the Tokyo motor show excellent Roadster, practical car for the city and charged microlitres. All three are concepts, and all three represent a new image of Subaru.B9 Scrambler, R1e and R2 was created under the leadership of the former designer of Alfa Romeo - Andreas Zapatinas, which became the new head of the design team Subaru Advanced Design Team.Low 2-local B9 Scrambler is air suspension with adjustable clearance with automatic alignment, which can vary from 150 to 200 mm B9 Scrambler is a hybrid engine that runs on gasoline and electricity, the electricity the car accelerates to approximately 70 km/h, and switches to gasoline when the battery charge falls below a certain level.R1e is designed specifically for riding around the city, it is shorter than most Japanese mini-car, has a high maneuverability, and perfectly holds the grip. Here is a lightweight, compact motor with manganese iron-lithium battery, which is recharged from the usual outlets 200V.Powerful 4-door R2 is quite difficult to classify into any one class. In R2 there is a new petrol 4-cylinder engine with Active Valve Control System and 7-speed sports transmission.20.10.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

The Renault Clio problem with suspension

The Renault Clio problem with suspension The French company Renault recalls almost 20 thousand (or more precisely 19 564) cars Clio 2002 because of problems with cross front suspension arm, which may break down at the most unexpected moment.Representatives of Renault emphasize that so far not been a single accident due to the problem of levers, informs . . . . . Читать полностью -->

F-Renault. Petrov - 18th Varano

F-Renault. Petrov - 18th Varano Last weekend at the circuit in Varano passed to the next stage of the Italian Formula Renault 2000. Vyborzhets Vitaly Petrov, who plays for the team Euronova finished the race in 18th place.However, the head of his command Vincenzo Sospiri satisfied - Vitaly had a very good race, and if not offensive penalty, the 19-year-old Petrova could be much higher.`Vitali for the first time this year ran a race that I expect from all of their best pilots, " says Sospiri. He was persistent, aggressive from start to finish and deserved place in the leading group. Unfortunately, for the mistake at the start he was punished by the penalty stop in the boxes. She threw it to the end of the race, but did not affect the fighting spirit of the Russian racer. Читать полностью -->

The Hyundai business is on the rise

The Hyundai business is on the rise Results for the third quarter of Hyundai earned a "clean" 223 million and nearly 2% improved its result compared with the same period last year."The growth of financial indicators has provided auto sales premium", said the official representative of Hyundai, commenting on the results of the third quarter.Meanwhile, the market was waiting for reducing the financial performance of Hyundai at least 17%. On the business of the Korean automaker had to be affected by the downturn in car sales on the home market, as well as the prolonged strike of workers in its factories, which lasted 7 weeks, the commentators.The representative of Hyundai confirmed that total group sales in the third quarter decreased by 19%. Now the group hopes to rebound, which is felt on the domestic market of Korea.This should help starservice financial situation in the future, said the representative of Hyundai. He noted that last October the Assembly plants of concern in South Korea have been 100%.12.11.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

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