Next week, Russia and Finland are going to come to agreement on road transport between the two countries

Next week, Russia and Finland are going to come to agreement on road transport between the two countries Finland and Russia are planning to come to agreement on road transport between the two countries in 2003. no later than next week on the expected level of 135 thousand cars for each party, said today at a press conference in Moscow, the Minister of transport and communications Finland Kimmo Sasi after talks with transport Minister Sergey Frank. As the Minister said, while there are only workarounds on transit. The final decision on a long term basis should be taken next week after talks between the heads of customs services of the two countries.As noted by K. Sasi, S. Frank on the negotiations confirmed that Russia intends to simplify the procedure of crossing its border with Finland for more flexible movement of vehicles between the two countries.. Читать полностью -->

NAIAS: Viper got a roof

NAIAS: Viper got a roof At the motor show in Detroit, Chrysler Group introduced the third generation of the sports car Dodge Viper, which has now acquired the roof. However, according to representatives of Chrysler, Roadster and coupe Viper small overall. Lying, as the most important General point remains - engine displacement of 8.3-liter 500 HP and dynamic performance are no different to the cherished hundreds coupe accelerates in the same "less than 4 seconds." Front spoilers, doors, fenders and the hood is too General. So what are the differences of the cars? The coupe is a bit different back and, of course, was roofed, full rear glass (rear door) trim, Yes new lights.As coupes built from the drop, and not Vice versa, before the engineers did not stand on the issue of strengthening the rigidity of the body - it is already quite hard. Only what had to seriously work on the aerodynamics of the rear of the car to increase downforce.That car is well inhibited to worry brake system with 355 mm discs - data of the company with a 100 km/h braking distance Viper is less of 30.5 meters. The vehicle in front is equipped with 18-inch wheels with tyres 275/35 and rear 19-inch tires 345/ Читать полностью -->

Seat is preparing a new minivan Hire

Seat is preparing a new minivan HireThe company Seat is getting ready to launch in a series of multi-purpose vehicle based on the concept Salsa (photo). He named Altea and should appear on the European market early next year.The car is built on the base of the Seat Leon and designed to compete with such models as the Ford Focus C-MAX, Renault Megane Scenic and Vauxhall Zafira. According to the creators of innovations, it embodies the concept of "family car".Representatives Seat hope this minivan will take third place in sales among all company cars (after Ibiza and Leon).It is assumed that in the European dealers will offer approximately 17-20 thousand euros.Premiere Altea is expected in early September at the Frankfurt motor show.24.07.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Ulyanovsk automobile plant in the first half of 2003. increased car production by 9.1%

Ulyanovsk automobile plant in the first half of 2003. increased car production by 9.1% Ulyanovsk automobile plant (JSC "UAZ") in the first half of 2003. produced 36 779 thousand cars and 9.1% more than in the same period of 2002, the press service of the enterprise.In June 2003. the factory made 6 509 thousand cars, which is 176% compared with June last year. In particular, it produced 741 cargo, 3 thousand 42 passenger car, 1 thousand 574 bus 1 152 thousand special.Commercial products made for the amount of 850,5 million rubles ( 177,5%). Shipped products for June in the amount of 869,4 million rublesThe plant has gradually increased its car production new series UAZ-3160/62. Читать полностью -->

Information about Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG

Information about Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG After the start of sales of the updated Mercedes-Benz C-class, the company intends to present and most powerful version of this model - C55 AMG, the engine of which is to hide the engine capacity of 367 HPBefore the most powerful car in the range of C-class was C32 AMG under the hood which hid 6-cylinder engine with a compressor. S AMG engine V8 already, its volume is 5.5 liters and the capacity of 367 HP To 100 km/h C55 AMG sedan accelerates in 5.2 seconds, wagon - for 5.4 seconds. Maximum speed of the vehicle, in the tradition of the Mercedes-Benz limited at around 250 km/h the Engine is fully compliant with Euro-4 and spends an average of 100 kilometers of 11.9 liters of gasoline.Engine segregation with a 5-speed `machine`, which drives the rear wheels. Transfer switch can be and buttons on the steering wheel and lever. In order that the driver can cope with the increased power of the car, its suspension has been strengthened, and the ESP system is reprogrammed. In addition, s AMG has received a more powerful braking system.Outwardly Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG can be distinguished by a different front bumper with large air intakes, grille, front fenders and headlights. Читать полностью -->

Vase rose again. But only with factory

Vase rose again. But only with factory AVTOVAZ increased the selling prices of their cars on average by 1.5%. At the plant we said that the retail price of the car is still not affected.According to experts of AVTOVAZ, the price increase applies only to participants factory distribution network. This internal relationship between manufacturer and dealers. Last not so long ago, have already increased retail prices (adjusted for inflation), so the only thing that can happen is a little reduced their walrus. And in the press center of the plant, referring to the leadership of the Directorate of marketing, say, the sellers Vases will not go up at least a month.The current price increase AVTOVAZ - the fourth since the beginning of the year. Читать полностью -->

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