New York: New Jeep Grand Cherokee

New York: New Jeep Grand Cherokee The new Grand Cherokee, which will appear before the audience of the show in new York, will boast a new engine and many of the latest technologies.For example, there will be three new four-wheel drive system. In the system of permanent four-wheel drive Quadra-Trac I used NV140 transfer case without a downshift. The second system Quadra-Trac II made using boxes NV245, which allows the vehicle to stably move on any terrain. Quadra-Drive II with the known limited slip differential ELSD will also make it easier for drivers driving on the road.As for the engines, for lovers of this brand, the Jeep Grand Cherokee for the first time will get a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8. Also you can choose the 3.7-liter SOHC V-6 and 4.7-liter SOHC V-8. New Jeep Grand Cherokee will be the first SUV that received a Multi-Dis-placement (MDS). Читать полностью -->

Kommersant: the Moscow Government was allowed to steal cars

Kommersant: the Moscow Government was allowed to steal cars Yesterday the Moscow government by its resolution authorized road service is forced to move with Parking cars impeding the realization of local activities. Motorists to pay for it don't have, will be funded through the budget of the article "the Maintenance of public improvement".According to the document signed yesterday Yuri Luzhkov, road services capital have the right to force vehicles to designated Parking in the course of works on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations and prevention of threats of terrorist attacks or if they prevent the holding of public gatherings and timely and proper cleaning of the territory.In addition, the regulation establishes new rules for car Parking. In particular, after the entry of the judgment on the even number of the month you will be unable to Park cars on the sides of the street with even numbered houses, and the odd - odd. If this rule is violated, the vehicle may be forcibly moved using special equipment within walking distance, when such movement is not possible, in special Parking".Last week the upcoming regulation Kommersant commented the head of the Department of transport and communications of the government of Moscow Alexander Belyaev. In his opinion, no violation of the law decree no. "It's about evacuation is not," he said.- Evacuation is forbidden in our law. Читать полностью -->

Ferrari prepares the following Maranello

Ferrari prepares the following Maranello Ferrari will soon present its fans descendant of the current 575 Maranello, which the company sells since 1996 (first it was called the 550 Maranello).Now the company is testing a prototype in Italy and photographers managed to spy for the novelty. Already on the first images it is clear that the car has a shorter body 612 Scaglietti with a much shorter wheelbase.They say that the new model will be called 600 Maranello, and in the sale it will appear in 2006. It will still be double and get ahead of the 6-liter V- . . . Читать полностью -->

Russian automakers turned "Gazelle" in "the Beaver"

Russian automakers turned JSC "Zavolzhskiy tractor plant" (ZZGT equipment, Nizhny Novgorod region) in 2006, plans to start serial production of the new tracked all-terrain vehicle GAS-3409 "Beaver". About this Agency NTA-Povolzhie" said General Director ZZGT equipment Alexander Nogin.The vehicle, built on the original tracked chassis with bodywork from minibus "Gazel" and has spacious and comfortable for this class of vehicle interior. The machine can move at high speeds in various road conditions (terrain, virgin snow, swamp, loose sand)."The beaver" will exhibit high levels of active and passive safety. Spacious interior, steering levers with integrated amplifiers, electric windlass standard.Additional equipment snegourotchka includes air conditioning, PTO. An all-terrain vehicle designed for transporting passengers and various goods, towing trailers weighing up to 1.3 tons and other needs.According to Nuzhdin, in 2005 ZZGT equipment will continue marketing research, and explore demand for these vehicles to the Russian and foreign markets. "After you determined the size of the market in the next few months we will be able to enter the serial production", said the Director General.The initial production volume will be 100 cars a year in the future, based on market needs, it is possible to increase the capacity up to 500 vehicles per year," said Nuzhdin. Читать полностью -->

Interfere with the tram - pay him

Interfere with the tram - pay him Violators will have to pay the penalty for simple blocked transport (taking into account not transported during this time, passengers) and additional routes. According to the developers of the new scheme, the penalties will be much higher than those for it now collects the traffic police. Estimated transport, each car left the rails, causes and urban damages in the hundreds of thousands of rubles. And violators must be answered in full.09.10.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

The new Seat Leon will go to the championship WTCC

The new Seat Leon will go to the championship WTCC The company Seat has announced a special racing version of the car Seat Leon new generation. Recall that the official premiere of this model has recently held, in the autoshow in Barcelona.New sport Leon built with the direct involvement of Audi Sport, the sports division of the German mark, and the car prepared for participation in the championship WTCC (World Touring Car Championship). Here it may be recalled that in the body ETCC championship, which was later renamed the WTCC, the company Seat is involved since 2003. Currently, these competitions involved rather outdated model Seat Toledo.According to representatives of the Seat, racing Seat Leon will take part in the championship WTCC before the end of this year.07.05.2005. . . Читать полностью -->

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