Reuters: AVTOVAZ plans to issue certificates of participation in the loan of $100 million

Reuters: AVTOVAZ plans to issue certificates of participation in the loan of $100 million The largest Russian car manufacturer AVTOVAZ plans in 2003 to produce on the international market, credit links, notes, certificates of participation loan), told journalists the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AVTOVAZ Vladimir Kadannikov.Alex Akinshin, senior Vice-President of Vneshtorgbank, financial Advisor to the company, said that the issue could be around $100 million."Credit link notes we are planning this year. It is pointless to go on the market with a total value of less than $50 million. Probably a minimum of $100 million is the amount with which you can work," said Akinshin.Akinshin said that the certificates of participation in a loan available to reduce the cost of servicing existing debt of the company. According to him, in most cases, AVTOVAZ has the right of early repayment of old loans.According to him, AVTOVAZ may also issue bonds before the end of 2003 to refinance a bond issue in the amount of one billion rubles for a period of one year, which will be available in late February on MICEX."AvtoVAZ unprofitable to accommodate "long", as interest rates decline. It is possible that after the summer of AVTOVAZ will be able to block this release," said Akinshin.The annual auction bonds of JSC AVTOVAZ in the amount of one billion rubles will begin on MICEX on February 21. Coupon will be set at the auction for the whole period of bonds circulation.AvtoVAZ plans to use the proceeds from the loan to Finance the production of VAZ-1118 (Kalina).EUROBONDS - NOT BEFORE 2004The Kadannikov said that AVTOVAZ has been working on the issue of Eurobonds."We have hope that in the beginning of 2004 we will be able to solve this issue", - said the Kadannikov, without stating the amount of possible release.According to him, for the development of the plant over the next five years will require $1.05 billion."We have no such money in full no. Читать полностью -->

NAIAS: Toyota FT-SX - family concept

NAIAS: Toyota FT-SX - family concept At the motor show in Detroit, Toyota introduced the concept car, designed for young families. According to representatives of the concern, it is the Toyota FT-SX unites under one roof the requirements of all its members. Toyota FT-SX lower than SUV, but wider and more aggressive than the sedans.Docobject 4 doors and no pillars - according to the designers of Toyota's easier to get into a comfortable and spacious cabin. The interior is designed for four passengers, while in the possession of each individual chair. Visually enlarge the inner space of the glass roof.Baggage door divided into two parts, the lower of which is lowered down almost to the asphalt. In order to facilitate the loading of baggage, the FT-SX is retractable shelf. Читать полностью -->

Peugeot 206: new engine, new gearbox - Car

Peugeot 206: new engine, new gearbox - CarPeugeot is added for Peugeot 206 new engine and new transmission. Additionally, the car has received the basic model of the lateral inflatable `blind` security.So, the smaller Peugeot has today received a new 16-valve engine volume of 1.4 liters. Its capacity is 88 HP and it must close the `gap` between the motors 75 HP and 109 HP New engine meets Euro-4 and dispersing Peugeot 206 to 178 km/h Average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 6.5 liters.In addition, Peugeot 206 has received a new 4-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic system. The box was developed jointly with Porsche specialists. A new box will be available with engines of 1.4 and 1.6 liters03.10.2003. . Читать полностью -->

The capital of Brazil has set a record for the traffic

The capital of Brazil has set a record for the traffic The longest in this year's car `tube` was recorded on Thursday in the Brazilian metropolis of sГЈo Paulo. At seven o'clock in the evening is the peak time when most residents return from work - its total length around the city exceeded 170 kilometers.The traffic jams in Sao Paulo, the third, and according to some, is already the second largest city on the planet, have become commonplace. Thousands of motorists daily forced to spend several hours of standing without movement on the streets of the metropolis, but the current figure is considered high even for business capital of Brazil. The main reason for the disastrous situation in Thursday on the slopes of the city, has become a large number of accidents, continuing for several hours the rain, and surplus vehicles.At the same time, this indicator is significantly inferior to the sad record car `traffic jams`, recorded June 28, 1996. Then arose the movement of vehicles over 242 km of urban roads.11.05.2004. . Читать полностью -->

JSC "UAZ" in January 2003. plans to produce 5.264 car - Hire

JSC JSC "UAZ" in January 2003. plans to produce 5.264 car against 5.800 machines in January 2002, the press service of the enterprise. About 25% of all released in January of vehicles planned to be exported. Average daily production rate will amount to 350 vehicles per day. In early January 2003. the company has already shipped to customers 779 cars.Recall that JSC "UAZ" plans to release 78.100 SUVs for 214 working days are filled with work schedule for 2003. Читать полностью -->

Cross. Our best on the European championship

Cross. Our best on the European championship As we reported over the weekend in the Italian ... finished the European championship for autocross.For the second year in a row the title in the body Division 1 wins the Russian racer. Last year it was Kazanets Airat Shaimiev, this is his younger brother Radik.The advantage of our athletes this year was total - our racers won the first Division nine of the ten races, and by the end of the year occupied the first six lines.In the 1600 CC-buggenum Division DO the fight for the title led Muscovite Roman Kolesnikov. Alas, the pilot Gazprom failed to beat last year's champion Dennis Engel, who secured the title ahead of time for the stage to finish. The novel, though not become a champion, but did compared to last year a step forward, becoming Vice-champion (season`2002 he finished third)Below we present the final position in the 2003 European Championships.24.09.2003. Читать полностью -->

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