Panis and Da Matta remain in the Toyota

Panis and Da Matta remain in the Toyota The head of team Toyota Ove Andersson stated that Olivier Panis and Cristiano Da Matta will retain their places in the team in 2004.This has already been stated during the Grand Prix of Germany, when the team visited the President of Toyota Motor Corporation, Fujio Cho, but only today, Toyota has officially confirmed this information.`I am happy to confirm that Olivier and Cristiano will play for us in 2004, " said Andersson. They both did a great job this season and has made an enormous contribution to the development of the TF103"."We look forward to continuing to work with Olivier and Cristiano," says Andersson. Before thinking about the next season, we should try this year to play another place in the Cup of designers`.06.08.2003.

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