IZH-Auto will release another model Kia

IZH-Auto will release another model Kia Izhevsk automobile plant, which is currently preparing to start mass production cars Kia Spectra own capacities, considering the extension of the model number assembled in Russia Korean cars. Thus, according to the news Agency "Ladaonline" leadership "IZH-Avto will announce the name of the new model is already on 30 June of the current year.Recall also that the mass Assembly of the first Kia models, Kia Spectra, will begin at the Izhevsk automobile plant 1 August. The production capacity is planned to be completed by 1 July of the current year is now being modernized welding and Assembly shops, as well as painting workshop body. The total cost of upgrading production cost "IZH-Avto 63 million dollars. In addition, before starting serial production of the Kia Spectra automobile plant plans to produce three pilot batch of cars, which will be practiced Assembly technology and its quality.Recall that the value of Russian Kia Spectra in the basic configuration, as expected, will not exceed 12 thousand dollars. In this case, the plant plans to gradually reduce prices due to the localization of production of component parts.11.05.2005.

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