Goodyear presented tires for wet roads

Goodyear presented tires for wet roads North American tire concern presented tires HydraGrip - new high-speed summer tyres, specifically designed for driving in rainy and wet weather.Bus HydraGrip that use innovative technology DynamicDrain TRED, guarantee a high level of safety when braking and aquaplaning on wet roads, while maintaining these characteristics in dry weather.The results of the study conducted by the Goodyear company among its customers, show that in Europe the security issues are the primary drivers of medium and large, high-speed family car, especially when driving in rainy and wet weather. According to an annual meteostatistics, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Warsaw and Stockholm are rainy three days out of five, and even in cities such as Athens, Madrid and Rome it rains almost 100 days in a year.Drivers in all countries of Europe have to ride on wet roads on average 141 day of the year. "Many road accidents happen when the rain starts to go after a few days of dry weather. This situation requires special attention from drivers and high performance from the tyres. It is therefore not surprising that 70% of European drivers prefer tires that are particularly well behave on wet roads`, explains Paul Joosten, marketing Director of the brand Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa.New technology DynamicDrain-TRED is a combination of a number of complex technical solutions, such as 3D-BIS, cascading slats, the tread V-TRED and specially designed high-speed tread rubber.10.02.2004.

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