Details about the new Land Rover Discovery

Details about the new Land Rover Discovery In September of this year the market will be a new generation of the legendary British SUV.The new generation of Discovery will be independent suspension of all wheels, air suspension, its beauty will be more, it will get new engines.The current generation of Discovery is now 15 years old. The heir will be presented in April at the motor show in new York, but we can introduce you to technical details of the new model.New Disco is hardly possible to know. Its length 4,78 m and wheelbase of 2.9 meters, that makes it closer to big brother Range Rover. Stepped roof will be saved, but the car will lose the small Windows in it. In the salon Disco will now be three rows of seats for seven passengers. And planting will be `theatrical`, i.e., the back rows will be slightly higher than the front. Of course, third row seats can be folded.A new generation of Discovery will receive a door of greater length than the current generation - this should facilitate embarking and disembarking from the vehicle.Longer door inner part of the body behind the front seats should facilitate the entrance(Luc) and exit. The back door is z fцrmig in the upper part and the lower part gesplittet. The spare wheel is no longer appropriate on the outside, but is in the form of a wheel having under ground vehicles.At the primary level for the new Discovery will be offered three powertrain: 4.2-liter V8 engine (240 HP), 4-liter V6 (215 HP) and 2.7-litre turbodiesel V6 (200 HP). Then should appear and turbodiesel V8. The engines will be aggregated only with 6-speed automatic transmission.As the concept of the Range Stormer, new Disco will be equipped with an innovative system `Terrain Response`. This system is designed to relieve the driver from having to suffer with the various modes of transmission. The system will allow you to switch between six standard conditions - normal, fast, soil, sand, deep ruts, rocks). Then the electronics itself, if necessary, connect a lower gear, choose the mode of suspension, etc.For hi-tech will not have to pay more on the European market, the car will cost about 38 thousand euros.22.01.2004.

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