F-1600. Team A. S. R accuses of collisions of Large and Orlov

F-1600. Team A. S. R accuses of collisions of Large and Orlov Last weekend the stage of the Russian championship in the class Formula-1600 both drivers of team A. S. R Viktor Antonov and Alexander Saunkin were indeed involved in three incidents.Viktor Antonov in the first laps were confronted first with the pilot of the ART line Nikolai Large Junior, and then with private Yuri Orlov. As for the second rider of the team Alexander Sountina, race, too, was not without incident for the circle to the finish he had contact with the same Orlov.After the race, the press service of the team A. S. R issued a press release in which he criticized his opponents: according to the stables, in at least two incidents of its pilots were not to blame.Below are excerpts from this release."On the sixth stage of the championship of Russia on car tracks in the class Formula-1600 pilot team A. S. R. Victor Antonov was knocked off the track first racer ART Online Engineering Nikolai Large, then the private pilot Yuri Orlov...On Sunday the race Viktor Antonov started well, winning one position directly on the start line. Victor began to pursue his main rival for the championship of Russia Alexander Taromina going in the first place. However, in the first round in the left turning Reynard Antonov was knocked off the track by Nikolai Large Jr., partner Taromina on command. Antonov was able to return to the track, but the balance of his car was completely broken.At last the fifth stage of the championship of Russia in St. Petersburg in the car Antonova on the warm-up hit himself Dr..Already on the second lap Antonov outperforms the two rivals. In the last bend Victor tries to overtake another slower opponent Yuri Orlov. The result is a collision. For a controversial incident with a fine `stop & go` was punished Victor...The second pilot team Alexander Sonkin at the start, lost ground, and the seventh circle was on the fourth place. After the incident Antonov, Alexander moved to the third position. For the circle to the finish line in the last corner of the track Yuri Orlov tries to attack Alexander Sountina, displaces it out of turn in a plastic bumpers. In the ensuing reversal and damage to the wing Saunkin loses position and finished fourth.The judges of the race did not respond to improper actions on the highway Nicholas Large in relation to Viktor Antonov and Yuri Orlov against Alexander Sountina.`I've had a successful race and was ready to finish in third place, " says Saunkin. - when was the last turn was wrong on braking in my left crashed eagles. On the basis of its speed and its from me, to overtake correctly he would simply couldn't. Apparently the eagles decided to get on the podium at any price. But in St. Petersburg I am going to give revenge`.`On the first lap of the race I've been hit by Nikolai Large, substituting the wheel inside my car, tells about his race Antonov. I was furious and was ready to "remove" the Big next turn. But while I was out with the lawn, past managed to ride all riders. I had to attack and overtake all slower opponents. When I still unbalanced machine found his pace and began to catch up with the Large, the engine began to lose power. I saw a trail of oil behind, the engine started to fail and soon died`.Source: www.asport.ru10.09.2003.

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