NEW DUTIES will KILL the RUSSIAN AUTOMOTIVE industry Ministry of industry and science for the second time in the last month attempting to increase import duties on cars at the age of 3-7 years. If earlier the government had proposed to equate with `customs clearance` and private individuals, now there are plans to increase the duty from 25% to 35%.Recall now that individuals can clear your car as by the so-called aggregate customs payment (customs duty of 25%, excise, VAT), and at the same rate (applies only to cars older than 3 years). In this case, the Treasury paid 0,85 Euro each `cube` with the engine capacity of 2.5 liters and 1.4 euros at a rate of more than 2.5 liters. The latter option is cheaper, but ordinary citizens can only use once a year. (Compare fees and independently calculate the fees you can go on AUTOMATIC CALCULATION of PAYMENTS). Legal entity cyclicality cars only `complex scheme`.The proposal of the Ministry of industry and science, headed by Ilya Klebanov is to equate private legal persons. To understand all this, simply calculate how much it will cost customs clearance normal 1.8-liter Opel Vectra 1997 release, which in Germany was bought, let's say, for 5000 euros. When customs clearance at the same rate citizen will have to pay the state 1623 euros, while total payment - 2701 euros. About 66% more.However, the Ministry of industry and science and this is not enough. In addition to the plans to deprive citizens of the opportunity once a year to enter the car at a reduced rate, proposed to raise the duty from 25% to 35%.Fortunately, endless lobbying of interests of the Russian automobile plants not everyone likes. For example, the Deputy chief of staff of the government of Russia Alexei Volin in an interview with RIA `Novosti` directly stated that the fee increase `will not only increase the competitiveness of the Russian automotive industry, but also it would kill`. According to Alexei Volin, last year the taxes were increased, resulting also increased the sales price and for Russian cars, which rose by an average of $ 900. Then Russian automobile companies are faced with the problem of marketing.01.02.2003.

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