Tokyo motor show: the new face of Subaru

Tokyo motor show: the new face of Subaru Subaru will unveil at the Tokyo motor show excellent Roadster, practical car for the city and charged microlitres. All three are concepts, and all three represent a new image of Subaru.B9 Scrambler, R1e and R2 was created under the leadership of the former designer of Alfa Romeo - Andreas Zapatinas, which became the new head of the design team Subaru Advanced Design Team.Low 2-local B9 Scrambler is air suspension with adjustable clearance with automatic alignment, which can vary from 150 to 200 mm B9 Scrambler is a hybrid engine that runs on gasoline and electricity, the electricity the car accelerates to approximately 70 km/h, and switches to gasoline when the battery charge falls below a certain level.R1e is designed specifically for riding around the city, it is shorter than most Japanese mini-car, has a high maneuverability, and perfectly holds the grip. Here is a lightweight, compact motor with manganese iron-lithium battery, which is recharged from the usual outlets 200V.Powerful 4-door R2 is quite difficult to classify into any one class. In R2 there is a new petrol 4-cylinder engine with Active Valve Control System and 7-speed sports transmission.20.10.2003.

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