F-Renault. Petrov - 18th Varano

F-Renault. Petrov - 18th Varano Last weekend at the circuit in Varano passed to the next stage of the Italian Formula Renault 2000. Vyborzhets Vitaly Petrov, who plays for the team Euronova finished the race in 18th place.However, the head of his command Vincenzo Sospiri satisfied - Vitaly had a very good race, and if not offensive penalty, the 19-year-old Petrova could be much higher.`Vitali for the first time this year ran a race that I expect from all of their best pilots, " says Sospiri. He was persistent, aggressive from start to finish and deserved place in the leading group. Unfortunately, for the mistake at the start he was punished by the penalty stop in the boxes. She threw it to the end of the race, but did not affect the fighting spirit of the Russian racer. No doubt, by the end of the season, Vitaliy has sharply increased. There are still two stages and I am absolutely sure that their reward points he is sure will work!`The stage began for our racer failed. For the second time in the season peleton was divided into two qualifying groups, as short (2,325 km) route could not accommodate all comers. The first nine pilots from each group at once in the finals, but Petrov in their group was only 11) This meant that on Sunday morning he was due to start in "consolation" in.`Resurfaced problem that we have faced this year: Vitaly perfectly fulfills workout on old rubber, and the qualification for the new set to get the desired result, " says Sospiri. We tried to help him, releasing after a fast racer that was a landmark, but this could not focus`."Wasilenko" Vitaly finished second, narrowly missed the 20-th place in the main final.On the main race Vitaly made it to the 13-th position. After the circle was a blockage, in which our rider lost the front part of the wing and a couple of positions, and then he called on the pit lane on the penalty Parking for a false start.`It was my fault, - justifies his rider Sospiri. - Advised him not to rush to take the starting position after forming a circle, and slowly roll it, since the start give almost immediately. Once this technique was used very many. Now the rules are tightened and the judge in our case proved to be very careful considered this for a false start...`Back on track with a large gap from the pack, Vitaly managed to catch up and around several opponents. For the first time this season, he showed a more rapid cragie than his partner Luca Filippi, who finished 11th.`I feel this race is not so, as more recently in the summer, during the previous stages, " he said at the finish. - Tasted at the end of August the Formula 3000 car, I realized that I did not, what needs to be tightened. Race, despite the low result, gave me real pleasure`.Ahead in the Italian championship two stages. September 28 - in Adria, and 19 October in Monza.16.09.2003.

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