The Hyundai business is on the rise

The Hyundai business is on the rise Results for the third quarter of Hyundai earned a "clean" 223 million and nearly 2% improved its result compared with the same period last year."The growth of financial indicators has provided auto sales premium", said the official representative of Hyundai, commenting on the results of the third quarter.Meanwhile, the market was waiting for reducing the financial performance of Hyundai at least 17%. On the business of the Korean automaker had to be affected by the downturn in car sales on the home market, as well as the prolonged strike of workers in its factories, which lasted 7 weeks, the commentators.The representative of Hyundai confirmed that total group sales in the third quarter decreased by 19%. Now the group hopes to rebound, which is felt on the domestic market of Korea.This should help starservice financial situation in the future, said the representative of Hyundai. He noted that last October the Assembly plants of concern in South Korea have been 100%.12.11.2003.

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