Opel has developed subcompact concept

Opel has developed subcompact concept At the auto show in Geneva, Opel will show another interesting novelty - subcompact concept car, named the Opel Trixx. This novelty is not only for its miniature size, but also a number of unusual solutions applied in the design of the interior of the car.The wheelbase of the new items is equal to two meters, and its overall length is only three meters. The width of the car - 1,65 meters, and its height - and 1.54-meter. This Opel Tixx can carry up to adults and one child. The first unusual solution - it's a bouncy seat of the second row. In normal condition the car is in a sense a triple tool movement - two seats in the front, and one child behind, placed behind the driver. The rest of the place is supposed to be used for Luggage. However, if necessary, from a special niche in the back is removed and inflated special built-in compressor another seat for an adult passenger. In this case, the front passenger seat, for example, can be folded, increasing legroom in the rear passenger, and can be folded and the two side seats, front and rear, providing a supply of free space for the carriage of items by a length of 1.52 meters. This is enough, for example, to transport the bike.Among other interesting solutions applied at Opel Tixx, it can be noted an unusual mechanism of opening doors that first a little forward of the openings, and then move along the Board using special rods and sliding the rear section of the glass roof, so the car turns into some semblance of a pickup truck.04.02.2004.

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