Russian new "motor show"

Russian new AVTOVAZ will represent a promising model C-class, codenamed "Project-2116". This machine should go into series production in 2010. Will be on VAZ stand and new this year - "Kalina". Russian giant will also present Priora, previously known as "Project-2170", and shown to be not only the sedan, but the hatchback of this series. And fans of Russian Motorsport will be able to look at the sensational at last year's auto show Lada Revolution.The special collection will be presented versions of "Niva" (called "Force"), and "Hope" ("Inkas"), all terrain vehicle "March" and "March-2 and environmentally friendly universal transport module Brontosaur" with an electric powertrain. All these cars represented company "BRONTO".Will be at the exhibition and tuning "ten" from the dealer of Eleks-Polus. The machine is called "Ringo" and differs from the basic version of the set of external tuning. Another exhibit - car show "Alex", which is a 2-seater Roadster with units from "six" made in retro style.GAS shows another modification of the "Volga" GAZ-31107. From the predecessor machine will be different modified restyled part. "Heavy artillery" will be presented medium-duty truck "Valdai" (next year plan to produce about 5 thousand of these machines). Also on the stand of the Gorky automobile plant visitors "Motorshow" will be able to see the SUV GAS-3106", various special vehicles based on the "Gazelle" and "Sable" and the "performance" version of the "Volga".Celebrate the new and the Izhevsk automobile plant "motor show" will be presented wagon Fabula on the basis of "Odes". This car started to produce serially in Izhevsk recently.23.08.2004.

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