`Lada` received two years probation

`Lada` received two years probation AvtoVAZ, faced with the crisis of overproduction, presents one surprise after another. Raised in August, prices have fallen back and maybe even fall. For all dealers new unified mark-UPS. And now the warranty period is increased to two years. `This is an additional cost, but at the same time puts before us the task of further improving quality`, - foldable said on this occasion, Vladimir Kadannikov. Limitation of miles still left to 30 thousand, so those who are traveling to use the innovation will fail.But, of course, it's not the time and miles, and convenience, rather, the possibility of this guarantee to receive. In Moscow corporate technical center Vase should be recorded. In addition, they remain the only one in Russia where the Zhiguli parts are still in short supply. The relevant results. A few days ago we published the results of a survey of owners.Guarantee AVTOVAZ regularly for any damage, use only 8% of owners.19% of respondents said they visited a HUNDRED Vase under warranty once and will not go there. 14% of respondents stated that call for warranty VAZ HUNDRED as needed, but with great reluctance. Approximately 15% have and use the warranty the dealership where it was purchased machine. About 31% said that they nerves more and VAZ HUNDRED they will not go for nothing.The warranty extension will lead to the growth of the queues on techstyle and greatly complicate life above 8%. That's about all the difference. However, there are some nuances. First of all, the guarantee, as we confirmed in VAZ salons, only applies to cars purchased after December 1, 2002. VAZ put a pig all recent buyers. Wait they would have got a new warranty. But while the current new Vases will grow old, the plant will have time to network development workshops warranty. Unless, of course, he is going to develop.The second caveat is that many vendors already offer their own warranty instead of the frivolous VAZ.In the salons of the `door`, `Inkom` and many others said that their warranty `Lada` is 3 years or 60 thousand miles, so VAZ innovation will not affect them. Other salons give its guarantee (it can be longer VAZ or even for the same term, but without a queue) for the money - typically $100. In `Lada Favorit` we were promised for that amount a year and a half and 30 thousand km In the hinterland with the service, however, is worse, and there is usually limited factory warranty. In one Togliatti firm we even said that `guarantee them three days, but to say more would be when the money for the car pay`:There remains one last caveat - many salons in the evening of Saturday, on the eve of the 1st of December, about the new warranty knew nothing. Says the plant will extend, said sellers. But confirmed the fears of the correspondent `Газеты.Ru` what if December 1, he will come to buy `Lada`, new condition, no renewal no. Only one cabin promised `somewhere in the first decade to discuss the matter with management`. In General, VAZ, the idea of waiting for concrete steps towards its implementation. About them factory still nothing. I guess it will be a surprise..

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