AVTOVAZ says goodbye to "nine"

AVTOVAZ says goodbye to The last car "Lada Samara 21093" is scheduled for 31 March.Discontinuation of "nines" is explained by increased production restyled machine modification Lada 114 Samara". This year it is planned to produce more than 190 thousand cars "Samara-2", including the complete "Suite" (with power Windows, insulated glass, heated front seats).Five-door hatchback Lada 2109 Samara" and its modifications began to be manufactured at the Volga automobile plant since 1987. Over 17 years of production at the plant was collected about 1.5 million of these machines. From 1 April this year AVTOVAZ will produce only kits "nines" for car Assembly plants, organized last year on the basis of Zaporizhia automobile plant.Thus, the conveyor of the Russian auto giant will be only one model of the family "Samara" - "Lada 21099".24.03.2004.

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