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To finish got only every second It is known that the Grand Prix of Canada there is a certain `family estate` Schumacher: a five-time winner on the track name Gilles Villeneuve Michael and only once did it Ralph.Five-time and current world champion is quite difficult belongs to this track. On the one hand, he considers it similar to the `stop & go` - there are fast, direct, but it is necessary and very often to slow down, passing numerous Chicane, which imposes additional requirements on the brakes and engines, in addition there are almost no favorite Michael fast curves. On the other track is still quite fast (on the straight before the last rotation speed reaches up to 318 km/h!), provides opportunities for overtaking, and indeed clearly favors the eldest of Schumacher. In any case, according to the pilot, he feels the race in Montreal is not only good but even more relaxed.The main race was somewhat unusual: the loser qualification Kimi Raikkonen (`McLaren`) and who joined him after the warm up lap Ralph Firman (`Jordan`) left on the track from the pit lane after all participants passed the first turn.After sufficient active combat at the start line and the first turn was that broken front spoiler on the car, Barrichello (`Ferrari`), and the Brazilian is already on the second lap he was forced to call in the boxes. On the same lap expands on the track Montoya (`Williams`), and pass it immediately and Schumacher and Alonso (`Reno`), and Webber (`Jaguar`). Several laps later, the Colombian will overtake Webber, and then, in spike Casino, and Alonso.Before the race the main predictions was based on a few assumptions: the weather (rainy, let me remind you, in the first qualification was in the hands of users `Bridgestone`, dry day later introduced in the first row of the starting field partners `Michelin`), the engine power, a large number of braking, contributing to the wear of the rubber, and tactics of pit-stops. And although the last item was not considered crucial, it became crucial for the distribution of seats in the final Protocol.The first of the leading three stopped for a pit stop Montoya, then in the boxes went the leader of the race, and range of later and his older brother. The result is clearly made by staff `Ferrari` pit stop first on the track was M Schumacher. Kimi Raikkonen started, let me remind you, from boxes, chose the tactics of one refueling, which allowed him to get closer to the leaders.The second pit stop was almost a reflection of the first, and M. Schumacher has kept the lead until the finish. Brilliantly held the race Alonso, showing the fastest lap 1:16.039, and eventually taking fourth place. Perfectly walked the track and Raikkonen, who for eight laps to go the gap from getting the fifth Barrichello just one second, but more Finnish pilot had failed to do. The gap as older brother from Junior finishing the alignment was 0.7 sec, in turn, from a partner on the team separated to 0.6 seconds. The race was marked by a large number of drop-outs, the result of twenty-launched checkered flag saw only ten.Technical results. Grand Prix Of Canada1. M. Schumacher (Germany, `Ferrari`) - 2. R. Schumacher (Germany, `Williams`) - 0.00.700. 3. Montoya (Colombia, `Williams`) - 0.01.300. 4. Alonso (Spain, `Reno`) - 0.04.400. 5. The Barrichello (Brazil, `Ferrari`) - 1.04.200. 6. Raikkonen (Finland, `McLaren`) - 1.10.500. 7. Webber (Australia, `Jaguar`) - 1 circle. 8. Panis (France, `Toyota`) - 1 circle. 9. Verstappen (nl, `Minardi`) - 2 circle. 10. Pizzonia (Brazil, `Jaguar`) - 2 lapsThe Cup of designers. 1. `Ferrari` - 85 points. 2. `McLaren` - 76 points. 3. `Williams` - 61. 4. `Reno` - 42. 5. `Jordan` - 11. 6. BAR 11. 7. `Zauber` - 8.

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