Ford invented the tank-fire-extinguisher

Ford invented the tank-fire-extinguisher The statement about Ford as a standard feature for protection against fire of tanks sedan Crown Victoria, used by the police in the United States as patrol cars, is expected on Thursday, according FreePress.The Agency was able to know what we are talking about a special device, which in case of an accident automatically envelops the tank fire protective foam. It is reported that this technology Ford took over the company Aerojet of Sacramento, California, which specializes in space development. About a possible contract between the firms have no information.The Ford designers have already conducted several successful tests of the new system on the car. From the details it is reported that the fire extinguishing device is powered from the same sensors and airbags.Crown Victoria is the main vehicle of the American police, only on U.S. roads operated 350 thousand such machines. However, this model still caused a lot of complaints from the police because of the tendency of the tank to spontaneous combustion in the event of an accident. Today, we know about 18 cases, when the police were victims burned down Crown Victoria.Meanwhile, it turns out, the tanks Crown Victoria meet all safety requirements and do not have structural defects. This was stated after a special investigation carried out by the national administration of the U.S. transport security (NHTSA).Thus, if you place Crown Victoria any other car, he would inevitably attracted the same criticism, experts say.07.08.2003.

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