Car pound return

Car pound return Draft government resolution on the rules of detention of the vehicle, placing it on Parking and storage developed in the capital. According to a source in the city administration, the project document defines the order of detention and temporary space to Park cars.In particular, the project in case of violations provided for by the articles of the code of administrative offences 12.3.1 (no documents of the vehicle (vehicle), 12.5.2 (faulty brakes, steering and hitch), 12.7.1, 12.7.2 (no right to control the vehicle), 12.8.1 (drunk driver), 12.19.4 (interference violations of the rules about stopping and Parking), 12.26 (refusing medical examination for intoxication) and cannot resolve them on the spot, the vehicle is placed on the nearest designated Parking lot and the driver is given a copy of the minutes to evacuate the car. About the detention of the vehicle in the absence of the driver immediately reported to the duty of the territorial body of internal Affairs, whose staff must inform the owner about the arrest of his car, said the Agency interlocutor.The shelf life of the vehicle is planned to be calculated in hours from the moment of its premises on special Parking. Payment for storage of the vehicle will be charged for each full hour of being on the Parking lot. The first three hours of the store owner will not be paid. The car owner will be made only after payment of costs of transportation and storage. What may be a fee for evacuation, a representative of the administration did not specify transmits Газета.Ru.08.05.2003.

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