Michael remains

Michael remains Receiving a fifth world title, the Ferrari star Michael Schumacher still very capable in his career in Formula 1, is convinced his Manager Willi Weber. The contract German pilot with Ferrari valid and 2004, and many believe that after that Schumacher retire, however, Weber argues that all the best there.Willi Weber: "Now more facts speak in favour of what he will continue his career than against it. His best years are still ahead. He likes what he does. It's hard for me to imagine that he will leave in the next two years".However, if this news is a balm to the heart for the millions of fans who crowds flocking to see their hero on the track, his opponents probably have a different opinion. And yet there is no doubt that the best pilot of his time, Michael could finish his career even more beautiful, breaking the record of the legendary Ayrton Senna by the number of pole positions, and only then calmly hang your helmet on the nail, until then, to add to his collection of at least two crown champion..

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