Sergey Afanasiev - in the Formula Renault or Formula BMW?

Sergey Afanasiev - in the Formula Renault or Formula BMW? In the following season 15-year-old Sergey Afanasiev will be in one of the European youth Championships.Currently Muscovite takes part in the Russian championship Formula Rus (after 4 steps he takes 3rd place overall), as well as in the Championships of Russia, Belgium, Italy and European karting."In 2004 we plan to "send" Sergey in some German formula Monasterio, - says Sergey's father, Andrei Afanasiev. - Apparently, it will be either the Formula BMW or Formula Konig or Formula Renault Monza"."We don't want," continues Afanasiev-senior - to Sergei immediately began to act more adult Formula Renault 2000, as did Mikhail Aleshin. In fact, in order to compete in this series with the leaders, it is necessary to know the German track.The same Aleshin - it is very fast, but not acquainted with the runs, and this seriously complicates his life. So Sergey entire next season will spend on that "rolling" in the German track, and then you can talk about transition into a more adult Formula.Currently, foreign youth Manaseryan involve several Russians. In the German Formula BMW races Vladimir Labazov, in the Italian Formula Renault 2000 - Cup Lada Vitaly Petrov and Timur Revazov, in the German Formula Renault 2000 - Mikhail Aleshin and Italian Renault Monza - younger brother Timur, Edik Revazov.Source: www.asport.ru25.08.2003.

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