The first "ears" in the Formula Rus

The first Last week during the tests, the Formula Rus on a suburban road in Myachkovo in a serious accident got a regular participant of the championship Michael Samal.In one of the turns Samol `grappled` wheels with Maxim Trainim. Car Michael turned over flew up and crashed to the ground, after which the machine upside down dragged several meters on the asphalt. Fortunately the driver escaped with only a slight shock.`After my accident, I was only slightly scratched helmet and managed to do without injury. says Michael Samal. Moreover, immediately after the coup I had time off `a lot`. This suggests that the switch `mass` is set correctly, and the designers have foreseen such a situation as mine`.The organizers of the Formula Rus do not hide their satisfaction - arc security, located above the head of the racer, worked perfectly and has protected the rider from serious injury.`The basis of arc security are two steel pipes with a diameter of 25 mm, to gain which used steel sheet, " says chief designer of Formula Rus Alexander Antonov. - There are certain safety standards - the design must withstand five tons of vertical load, three and a half tons of the longitudinal load and a ton of side load.In order to achieve compliance with these standards was tested three variants of the frame. The design was placed under a hydraulic press, which created the specified load, simulating extreme conditions of exposure to the metal. Note that the first two options frame loads did not survive, and only the third time the designers managed to achieve the necessary reliability`.24.07.2003.

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