30 day limit

30 day limit What will happen if you take diesel Mercedes E-class travel on American racing oval, press the pedal to the metal and not let her within a month? I do not know? During this time equipped with modern turbo car will pass 100k miles, which is 4 times the diameter of Earth at the equator, or approximately 8% of the distance from the earth to the moon.At first glance, the idea seems crazy, but the Thrifty Germans from Stuttgart, by a strange coincidence, decided to take a chance and get involved in such an adventure, which in case of failure threatened to seriously bring down the image of the brand. However, the idea has been full. Almost without stopping three completely standard silver sedan E320 CDI spun in a circle Laredo in Texas if initiated within 30 days. A short stop was made only at the time of refueling, changing pilots and maintenance. Refueling on average took about 2 minutes and complete the oil change and all filters could spend no more than 10 minutes Piloted vehicles three teams of 6 people each, and most of them had experience in Formula 1 or the championship, DTM, at least in the role of test-pilots.The total 30-day super-marathon was the establishment of a number of world records, which confirmed the international automobile Federation FIA. In its class of cars with turbo engines Mercedes mounted directly 22 record, but to the category of absolute world records can be attributed to the three most outstanding achievements:50 thousand miles at an average speed of 225.456 km/h100 thousand km with an average speed 225.903 km/h100 thousand miles at an average speed of 224.823 km/h07.05.2005.

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