In Russia there was a magazine about luxury cars

In Russia there was a magazine about luxury cars Publishing house "storm Media has released the first issue of car magazine Supercar designed for admirers of luxury models of cars. New monthly publication printed in Finland with a circulation of 50 thousand copies and distributed on a commercial basis and free of charge - in restaurants premium and clubs.According to publishers Supercar'and the popularity of the magazine is supplemented by, because "an increasing number of car owners is beginning to accept the idea of "machine weekend", which is intended not so much to perform utilitarian functions, but to serve his master "hallmark". "Storm Media" clarifies that Supercar designed for the audience of affluent people aged 25-45 are interested in receiving information about the best cars in the world". Among the heroes of the first non Cayenne, Lamborghini Miura, Pagani Zonda F, Dodge Viper SRT-10.. Except automotive topics the reader is promised a significant number of articles about travel, technology, leisure, Hobbies and style.Commenting on the publication of the first issue of the journal, its publisher Vadim Kuchugury said: "Russia is a country that is developing very rapidly. Although we are not a traditional automotive nation, as the British, Germans or Americans, we very quickly came and growing category of people who know good cars, own them and even collect. Many people want to Express their individuality through the car, it's not so much a vehicle as one of the most important elements of the image, the indicator of the social status of the owner. Who in the childhood dreamed to drive a beautiful Ferrari or powerful Lamborghini? And the legendary Porsche? An increasing number of our compatriots embodies these dreams into reality. After working day, replacing office suit on the clothes in the style of "casual", they are transplanted from the "working" vehicles in a modern, powerful and athletic. The luxury market, luxury car in our country is growing rapidly and, as a consequence, this market should be a log that will unite the consumers of these goods and services. Therefore, following the trends, we decided to launch this project.".

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