The constitutional court may cancel CTP

The constitutional court may cancel CTP The constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on Tuesday, will start the verification of constitutionality of the Federal law "On mandatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners".As have informed "Interfax" the press service of the constitutional court, requests the court addressed the group of deputies of the State Duma, the State Assembly of the Republic of Altai and the Volgograd regional Duma. Applicants believe that it is unacceptable to force citizens to the conclusion of the insurance contract. From their point of view, it infringes on the property rights of citizens, and for certain categories of citizens, such as the poor or pensioners, the application of this law leads to the deprivation of the right to use their property, since in the absence of CTP policy is tantamount to a ban on the use of a private car.Applicants believe that the enforcement of the contract of compulsory insurance is contrary not only to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil code, according to which the citizens and legal entities are free to contract. Forced to the conclusion of a contract is not permitted; the duty to insure your life or health may not be imposed upon a citizen by law. They indicate that many citizens perceive the contract of insurance as an additional tax. Particularly unfair, according to the applicants, the law to those drivers who for many years have never been involved in crashes. Deputies believe that the establishment of fixed amounts that the insurer is obliged to compensate the victim, as a rule, does not guarantee the full damages.Previously, according to the rules of voluntary insurance, citizens had the opportunity to insure his liability in full. And the challenged law, from the point of view of the applicants were deprived of car owners how right they need to purchase the service (product), and the right to refuse unnecessary services. According to the deputies, the law limited the rights of insurers as to insure civil liability only those insurance companies that are part of the Russian Union of motor insurers. So, insurance companies put in unequal conditions, and citizens are denied the right of choice of insurer.In addition, in their opinion, insurance rates, right to establish that the legislator has provided the government of the Russian Federation, is not economically justified and adopted without taking into account differences in the financial situation of the owners and their living conditions.23.04.2005.

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