Team McLaren is preparing for the Grand Prix of Germany

Team McLaren is preparing for the Grand Prix of Germany This weekend in Hockenheim will be the next stage of the Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Germany.On the eve of the German stage pilots McLaren Mercedes Kimi Raikkonen and David Coulthard are respectively the second and seventh in the world championship, and the team is third in the Cup of designers with 95 points.`The Hockenheimring is one of the fastest tracks in the championship, says about the track David Coulthard. And it remains a real challenge for technology. To overtake in several places, for example in stilettos `Parabolic`. Last year the Hockenheimring has undergone renovation, and now there is no fast long straight, has dramatically changed the approach to the settings. In some ways it is even easier - no need now to look for a compromise between `fast` and `slow` settings`.`It is a home race for Mercedes-Benz, " continues Kennedy. and we hope to show a good result before the German fans and the employees of the plant. There is always a great atmosphere, and last year the spectators on the podium Mercedes-Benz met our competitors terrible roar in the stadium at the end of the track!".

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