Alfa Romeo "TI" for tourists-internationals

Alfa Romeo Italian manufacturer of luxury cars revives the series "TI" (Tourismo Internationale, made famous by the legendary model Alfa Giulia T. I. Super sample 1963 (photo below).Alfa Romeo launched on the market in the performance of "TI"almost the whole line of their cars in execution. Today, dealers are taking orders for the model Alfa 147 TI, Alfa 156 TI, Alfa Sportwagon TI and Alfa 166 TI (photo).down "TI" are considered as a further development of the prestigious series "GTA" and more on their 1500-2500 Euro. The car is distinguished by an exclusive aluminum pads rapids, seat upholstery and wall elements of the interior of black leather and luxury suspension.ldsa Alfa 147 TI, like GTA, equipped with a 250-horsepower engine, however, is available only in three-door version with a 17-inch low profile wheels dimension 215/45, dimmed lights and a spoiler. The model 147 TI hotpockets 22 050 euros.hotel 156 TI versions of the sedan and wagon also comes with a similar version GTA 2 litre JTS motor and has the same differences that 147-I (except for the spoiler). The starting price is € 28,000.lfa 166 TI is equipped with the new a 2.4 liter 5-cylinder Multijet diesel with 4 valves per cylinder that develops 175 HP Machine shod 18-inch wheels with rubber width of 235 mm and affordable 42 480 euros with a manual transmission and 44 580 euros for the version with automatic Sportronic.16.01.2004.

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