New Chevrolet Corvette in Detroit

New Chevrolet Corvette in Detroit The new Corvette C6 shorter than its predecessor C5 (1997-2004 gg) by 5.1 inches and prizemistoj 1.1 inch. The machine record of the drag coefficient and 0.28. Thanks to the improved aerodynamics of the car even safer pressed to the ground.The car is fully upgraded suspension, which became more comfortable and quiet. Increased comfort is also promoted and wheels of large dimension. Exhibit instance at the auto show in Detroit shod in rubber Goodyear Eagles F1 (245/40 R18 front and 285/35 R19 rear).The new Corvette is equipped with the latest version of 6 liter V8 engine (LS2) power of 400 HP, which is already known from the previous model. He works in tandem with the 6-speed manual Tremec transmission G56 or 4-speed HydraMatic automatic. The latter is new and specially designed to withstand powerful torque from the engine.This is especially true for the new model C6, the top version which is going to supply the engine with an output of 700 HP It should be released after the premiere convertible Z06 with a 500-horsepower engine, which may be even this year.But the first sale still appear in the basic model. The automaker promises to bring it to market in the third quarter of the current year. About the possible cost Corvette C6 will become known later.06.01.2004.

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