New Fiat Punto will be the design from Giugiaro

New Fiat Punto will be the design from Giugiaro Next summer will be a new generation once very popular compact model of Fiat Punto. This car will share a platform with the Opel Corsa next generation, and the design of quadruple car belongs to the feathers designers Atelier, Giugiaro. Interestingly, Giugiaro won contrary to expectations. And walked as Studio Bertone and own fiutowski design center.Fiat, recently unspoiled by success in the market, wants to get ahead. While the new Corsa (code turkeys X4400) will appear on the market until 2006, the new Fiat Punto (index 199) will appear on the market in the autumn of next year. However, leadership is epimere - while the current generation Corsa appeared in 2000, the Punto is already one year old. However, the European bestseller has undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries, the last of which took place in 2003.For the first time in the history of the companies of the Fiat and Opel worked together on a compact class car. All over creation Corsa/Punto employed 120 people: 80 in Turin and 40 in RГјsselsheim. Heirs Corsa/Punto will be based on a unified platform, in addition, will have a lot in common building blocks, such as the steering, electrical, electronics, axles, brakes and even the engines with gearboxes!According to representatives of companies, through joint work, each company was able to save about 20% of the funds that would have been directed to the development of the model. However, customers do not feel. Because of the richer equipment, cars will become more expensive.The new Punto will again be built around the biggest in the class wheelbase. Grown on 6 cm body length (up to 3.9 meters) will first increase the volume of the trunk, and secondly to meet the new standards for the protection of pedestrians from raids.For new items will be offered a wide range of engines, consisting of five units: five petrol and 4 diesel engine. The base petrol engine will be a 1.2-liter engine with a capacity of 60 HP Top - 1.8-liter (130 HP), which will be "charged" version of the Abarth. Gamma diesel starts from 1.3-liter (70 HP) and ends on the 1.9-liter engine (150 HP). All engines 4-valve. And the current 2-valve diesel JTD 1.2 will be replaced by a new 4-valve displacement of 1.6 liters (120 HP).Depending on the engine, buyers will be offered with a manual 6-speed transmission. In addition, it will-step "automatic" with the ability to manual switch. Alternatively, they will be offered the variators.04.08.2004.

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