NAIAS: Toyota FT-SX - family concept

NAIAS: Toyota FT-SX - family concept At the motor show in Detroit, Toyota introduced the concept car, designed for young families. According to representatives of the concern, it is the Toyota FT-SX unites under one roof the requirements of all its members. Toyota FT-SX lower than SUV, but wider and more aggressive than the sedans.Docobject 4 doors and no pillars - according to the designers of Toyota's easier to get into a comfortable and spacious cabin. The interior is designed for four passengers, while in the possession of each individual chair. Visually enlarge the inner space of the glass roof.Baggage door divided into two parts, the lower of which is lowered down almost to the asphalt. In order to facilitate the loading of baggage, the FT-SX is retractable shelf. Under the hood of the Toyota FT-SX hides a 3.5-litre petrol V6, which drives a huge 21-inch wheels with tires of the dimension 255/

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