The capital of Brazil has set a record for the traffic

The capital of Brazil has set a record for the traffic The longest in this year's car `tube` was recorded on Thursday in the Brazilian metropolis of sГЈo Paulo. At seven o'clock in the evening is the peak time when most residents return from work - its total length around the city exceeded 170 kilometers.The traffic jams in Sao Paulo, the third, and according to some, is already the second largest city on the planet, have become commonplace. Thousands of motorists daily forced to spend several hours of standing without movement on the streets of the metropolis, but the current figure is considered high even for business capital of Brazil. The main reason for the disastrous situation in Thursday on the slopes of the city, has become a large number of accidents, continuing for several hours the rain, and surplus vehicles.At the same time, this indicator is significantly inferior to the sad record car `traffic jams`, recorded June 28, 1996. Then arose the movement of vehicles over 242 km of urban roads.11.05.2004.

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