Toll highway Moscow - St. Petersburg will build Korean investors

Toll highway Moscow - St. Petersburg will build Korean investors Investments in the construction of a toll highway Moscow - St. Petersburg became interested in a Korean company and a Turkish company, writes on Thursday the newspaper "Vedomosti".The new toll road will bypass the settlements and will allow drivers to get from one capital to another four and a half hours. It is assumed that mainly the track will use the company delivering the goods from the Saint-Petersburg port in Moscow.Representatives of transport companies assume that the road will be used by up to 90 percent of carriers, if the fare it will not exceed 1000 rubles per car. To make several trips back and forth during the day would be beneficial. In addition, the existing road is in a deplorable state.According to the officials, the road construction project has become a model for public-private partnership, because at least half of the investment will take private investors.In 2004, the Ministry of transport has estimated the project cost 180 billion rubles. The final price will be determined "GIPRODORNII" and Ernst & Young, who won the competition of the Ministry of transport.Contract for construction of the route and the right to its exploitation will be put to tender in December. According to the plans of the Ministry of transport, construction will begin no later than 2007 and will last four to five years.According to Sergey Bystrov, Director of the Federal state institution "Roads of Russia", which performs the function of the state in the construction of toll highways, the willingness to cooperate in the project expressed Korean company Lotte Engineering & Construction.Representatives Lotte spent three weeks on the study of existing trails in order to evaluate promising ideas. The fact of negotiations with the Russian authorities to "Vedomosti" confirmed in the company's headquarters in Seoul, but so far the company has not made a final decision about the participation in the project.According to the head of the Federal road Agency Oleg Belozerov, Lotte is not the only candidate for participation in the construction of toll roads. The project is interested in Turkish companies and some Russian financial-industrial groups, which names the official did not disclose.Meanwhile, none of the domestic investors interviewed by "Vedomosti", admitted desire to invest in the construction of a highway between the two Russian capitals.01.04.2005.

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