Koenigsegg CCR: new world record - the Car

Koenigsegg CCR: new world record - the CarRecently Swedish car Koenigsegg CCR has set a new world record for the production cars. Theoretically, before it was known that this car with a 4.7-liter V8 engine with 800 HP and can reach speeds of almost 400 km/h, but on the race track Nardo in Italy CCR and really broke the previous world record and developed a speed of 388 km/h, which was witnessed by "independent experts", - specialists nardГІ. Behind the wheel, as in the previous test was test pilot Loris, Bicocchi.CEO Christian von Koenigsegg sure that CCR can reach the stated speed of 395 km/h, and even more if you will travel in a straight road, not in a circle, as in nardГІ. A new record of driving left behind and Enzo Ferrari (355 km/h), and Porsche Carrera GT (334 km/h), and McLaren-Mercedes SLR (334 km/h), and the Lamborghini Murcielago (330 km/h).09.03.2005.

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