Kommersant: the Moscow Government was allowed to steal cars

Kommersant: the Moscow Government was allowed to steal cars Yesterday the Moscow government by its resolution authorized road service is forced to move with Parking cars impeding the realization of local activities. Motorists to pay for it don't have, will be funded through the budget of the article "the Maintenance of public improvement".According to the document signed yesterday Yuri Luzhkov, road services capital have the right to force vehicles to designated Parking in the course of works on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations and prevention of threats of terrorist attacks or if they prevent the holding of public gatherings and timely and proper cleaning of the territory.In addition, the regulation establishes new rules for car Parking. In particular, after the entry of the judgment on the even number of the month you will be unable to Park cars on the sides of the street with even numbered houses, and the odd - odd. If this rule is violated, the vehicle may be forcibly moved using special equipment within walking distance, when such movement is not possible, in special Parking".Last week the upcoming regulation Kommersant commented the head of the Department of transport and communications of the government of Moscow Alexander Belyaev. In his opinion, no violation of the law decree no. "It's about evacuation is not," he said.- Evacuation is forbidden in our law. We're talking about the temporary movement of vehicles at the time of harvesting, and then put them back.".

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