VW will invest 240 million euros in the plant motors in China

VW will invest 240 million euros in the plant motors in China The company was conceived as a joint venture and will come on line in 2005. It will manufacture engines for younger models Volkswagen Polo, the Assembly of which is established in China a year and a half ago.In the first year, the annual production capacity will be 180 000 motors, in the future, the partners agreed on the gradual expansion of capacity, which will require additional investment. In the future, the performance engine of the VW plant in Shanghai is expected to grow to 300,000 engines per year.Recall that Volkswagen is the leading automaker in China and controls about a third of the local market. He has the largest car Assembly company, created as a joint venture with a local company First Automotive Works, which is among the ten largest in the world.VW produces in China as outdated Santana sample 70s, produced in Brazil and penultimate models including Passat, Audi 4, Audi 6, Audi 8 and newest Polo.In the first half of China came in first place in the number of cars sold by Volkswagen, ahead of Germany.02.10.2003.

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