DaimlerChrysler fires Americans

DaimlerChrysler fires Americans American concern Chrysler has cut 250 jobs and another 400 transferred to the reserve from the total number of 2500 people employed at the engine plant in Trenton.Reductions associated with the transfer of primary production to 3.5 liter engine to another plant in Wisconsin, as well as the General decline in production.Engine plant in Trenton still produced up to 1 million engines per year. Meanwhile, the local Union have long suspected about the upcoming layoffs.The first call to reinforce these suspicions was achieved on the eve of an agreement with DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai on the creation of new joint Metroproject in the U.S., Dundee.According to plans, the new joint plant must earn in 2005, it currently employs 170 workers.Source: "Behind the wheel".

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