In Russia there will be no new roads

In Russia there will be no new roads The Ministry did not have money to build new roads. He would have to abandon ambitious plans to concentrate on maintaining existing roads, says RBC daily.This week at the Collegium of the Ministry of transport Minister of transport Sergei Frank said that two months of 2003 declined sharply the level of funding for road construction. As a result of completion of the five-year program "Roads of Russia" and ending the practice of targeted tax collection in road funds, the regions have lost significant amounts of their construction and repair. "Rosavtodor" responsible for Federal highway, too, was left without money for laying new tracks. Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko has recommended the Ministry to abandon ambitious plans for new construction and will focus on maintaining existing roads.The construction of new roads "Rosavtodor" in the next ten years planned to spend more than $ 60 billion. It was assumed that the length of Russia's roads by 2010 will increase by 10% - up to 670 thousand miles (territorial and Federal). "The network of Federal highways should be increased at least twice - told RBC daily assistant head of Rosavtodor "Alexander Griaznov. - We have 47 thousand kilometers. And you need another 50 thousand. Given that built annually a thousand miles, to address the backlog will require as many as fifty years." In this case, if the number of cars in the country will remain the same as now. Wait, of course, is not necessary. According to "Rosavtodor", the Russian car fleet increases by 10-12% per year. "Now the number of cars per day on highway Moscow-Minsk three times the estimated parameters," says Alexander Griaznov. Over the last ten years the number of cars per thousand inhabitants increased from 50 to 120. Experts estimate that by 2010 it will reach the level of European countries and will be 250-270 per thousand inhabitants. The pace of construction of roads far behind the pace of motorization, which leads to congestion on roads and reducing speeds up to 15-30 km/h near large cities. This increases the cost of transport, reduces the competitiveness of Russian goods, increases their value in domestic and foreign markets. Not to mention the environment.Plans "Rosavtodor" and included the construction of international transport corridors. Alexander Griaznov called their construction priorities for the next ten years. Such corridors bring some countries (those who have them) up to one third of the gross national income. The Soviet Union made the transit to 6 billion dollars a year. In the Ministry of transport believes that these volumes can not only recover, but to increase. Including through the construction of roads Chita-Khabarovsk, which will provide end-to-end transit from Europe to the far East, and without which to speak about Russia's territorial integrity to say no. "This road is already working, though it was rebuilt and has not been completed," says Alexander Griaznov. It is distilled cars and carrying cargo from the Far East to Central Russia. We immediately felt the effect of lower prices for rail transportation, decreased the cost of transit cargo.However, it seems that all these plans "Rosavtodor" was called into question. From January 1, 2003 rate of tax on road users dropped to zero. Stopped target fundraising in road funds, road-building organization moved to the Treasury financing. The fact that under existing vehicle tax fell, first of all, enterprises and companies, which caused a lot of criticism of the government. And so in terms of reducing the number of turnover taxes in the course of the tax reform, the government decided to abandon the payments to the Road Fund, committing to raise money for road construction and maintenance from the owners of gas stations, believing that there is more dressed - there's more travel and, therefore, more "break" of the road. The reality was more complex and the new system has not led to an increase contributions and reduce, in January-February this year on the road needs were collected at 20% less than a year ago. Most of the payments received two dozen regions. In some areas the level of funding has fallen, according to the Minister of transport Sergei Frank. The Ministry was tasked with finding funding sources. One solution is to attract loans.In June 2003, the European Bank for reconstruction and development intends to open a credit line in the amount of 290 million dollars to Finance the construction of roads. As said this week the head of Rosavtodor Igor Slyunyayev, a decision the loan has already been made, but in June it must be approved by the Board of Directors of the Bank. This money is supposed to be used to complete construction of the Chita-Khabarovsk highway, after starting the operation of which the far East for the first time will be associated with Central Russia through the road, and the construction of ring road in St. Petersburg. Last year, the EBRD has already been approved a loan for the same purpose in the amount of 229 million.Policy on external borrowing for the construction of roads will continue. As reported by RBC daily "Rosavtodor", the next loan in the amount of $ 250 million will provide the world Bank. Then the transport Ministry plans to borrow $ 1 billion for a period of ten years from the European investment Bank. However, this money will only partially cover the requirements of "Rosavtodor": so, $ 4 billion will be needed for the reconstruction of the Chita-Khabarovsk highway. On a budget this can not count. However, Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko on Wednesday at the Collegium of the Ministry of transport has somewhat simplified the problem by saying that you must come up with a sustainable funding model that would provide a simple reproduction of roads in terms of growth in traffic volume. Translated from the Ministerial in Russian this means that the main task for today is to prevent the destruction of existing highways roads. It seems that the Ministry of transport will have to forget about his ambitious plans.09.03.2003.

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