Marsupial We believe that this proactive gesture would not really change the situation, because until this moment Kangoo was the leader. The company Renault is often boasts of its `heels`, claiming that sales in Russia Kangoo outweighs all major competitors combined!The cargo version of the van now goes priced from 10390 Euro cargo from 11990 euros.For that money you can buy a car with a very cute face (much more animated than the Partner/Berlingo), redesigned instrument panel and more comfortable seats. And that road `music` did not spoil the mood of the driver and passengers, improved sound insulation. But it is strange that the ABS from Bosch is not included in the basic package: still the car would have a lot of time to move and slow down under load. But the one who will order the ABS for a fee, will receive in the kit and electronic brake force distribution EBV.If you look at the beauty, understand that Kangoo - marsupial in the literal sense. A variety of `digging` is not countable. A couple of roomy compartments attached even under the ceiling, in the manner of shelves intercity buses. Missing secret places and in front of the salon: what is the volume of the door pockets and a shelf above the windscreen! But these caches pales before agarapatana trunk - 650 liters of space! With folded rear sofa tail section Kangoo and is turned into one big 2600-liter capacity.In Russia all new Kangoo sell in the `East` version with reinforced suspension, the floor is protected and increased clearance.On cars of this kind in Russia pay attention first of all, not individuals, and firms. In our opinion, the quality of the new Kangoo grant of the Russian consumers increasingly look to the `French heel` as a vehicle for the family. By the way, the road to the private trader novelty carefully laid inexpensive Berlingo Assembly plant TagAZ. Sorry, but an updated version is there to collect until later.06.08.2003.

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