Sergey Zlobin reminds sponsors on the

Sergey Zlobin reminds sponsors on the Sergey Zlobin, who in the pre-season tests for the Minardi team, gave the other day an interview with the website, in which he shared his thoughts about his career in Formula 1.Recall the developments.At the end of last year it was announced that Zlobin takes the position of test driver in the team Minardi. Talked about the contract that he signed with Italian stable up to 2004. Zlobin really spent the winter several tests (in which he seriously lost his opponents), but with the beginning of the season formula one career Muscovite stalled for the last few months he has never sat behind the wheel of a racing car.Many associate it with a dark history around the sponsorship of the Russian company Gazprom team Minardi. Gazprom promised Minardi multi-million dollar support, but has not paid Paul Stoddart and Giancarlo Minardi penny. In an interview Zlobin podojil this version."I am a victim of political intrigue and gaming oil and gas barons," says Zlobin. - My career was stopped due to the fact that money Gazprom, for unknown to me reasons to team Minardi never came".Muscovite, however, expressed the hope that in the near future may again get the opportunity to try yourself driving a Minardi."I have maintained a long-term contract with Minardi, emphasizes Zlobin. The problem for me now to receive sponsorship. I do not know of examples when invited to the Formula 1 invite wrong.Many more examples in the sport when financiers or unscrupulous sponsors throw "guardians" in the middle of the road. In General, if the sponsor, in October I will be able to take part in the planned tests"."I hope, not without reason, to help our President," added Sergei.In addition, Zlobin believes that it is currently the only Russian, while there is at least some chance to get into Formula 1.For all other Russian riders to get into Formula 1 in the near future will be impossible - categorical he said. - Moreover, I do not think that in Formula 1, but me from among Russians who are either well-known. And our young riders competing at the moment abroad, I can only select Mikhail Aleshin".Despite optimistic statements Zlobina, experts tend to assume that the career of Muscovite in Formula 1 is finished. Russian fans and, first of all, sponsors should pay more attention to young and promising riders.This season Russia has representation in two prestigious European Championships. Roman Rusinov stands for team GP Racing in the European Formula 3000 and Formula Renault chasing one of the most talented Russian pilots - 16-year-old Mikhail Aleshin.Source: www.asport.ru11.08.2003.

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