Sergey Krylov - o "ring" scandal

Sergey Krylov - o We have already reported about the scandal in the Russian ring. Organizers classes Formula Rus, Touring and Touring-light failed to agree on a joint stages this year. Now the race of Russia will be carried out separately, and Touring and Touring-light - apparently, in the framework of the National Racing Series Lada.Recently we published an official position of the organizers of the Formula Rus. Today we offer to your attention an interview with Sergei Krylov, representing classes Touring and Touring-lightSergey, recently became aware of your decision to "withdraw" the stages of the Championships of Russia in the classroom Touring and Touring-light from the calendar Formula Rus...This decision was not taken by me personally, and meeting members of the class Touring. Moreover, adopted unanimously after carefully studying the situation. We for three months negotiated with the head of the Formula Rus Yuri Kim. Unfortunately, they stalled when it became clear that neither one significant issue agreement fails: budget, design trails, work with media partners TV. The situation when two professional body class to be poor relatives at the event entitled `Formula Rus`, for us, is an unaffordable luxury.Why didn't you able to negotiate? Do not split the difference?Including. We create budgets, clearly hoping all possible costs. This is one of the most popular classes among the fans, and if you take its cost - it is much higher than the cost of any other championship. However, we are not ready to throw money and demand the justification of any exposed us account.How are you going to do next?We informed the RAF about our solutions and are now negotiating with other promoters on the inclusion of stages thuringowa Championships in a program organized by their race weekend. The results will soon be known.11.03.2004.

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