Russian Opel Astra will still be

Russian Opel Astra will still be The exact name of the future model yet - but the first part of the name is sure to be a Chevrolet (this tradition will continue for all machines that will produce JV).About a year in Togliatti will be to prepare for the production of the second model and the first production vehicles will be released in 2005. It is assumed that initially there will be little in the first year will make about 1.5 thousand machines. Project the same power line 17 thousand cars.According to General Director of JV "GM - AVTOVAZ" John Mylonas, new car assembled in Russia will be about 15% cheaper Opel Astra (and this model was recently updated, and next year will appear in Russia Astra next, third generation).Now in showrooms, depending on the equipment of the machine costs $12 500 - 18 500. Last year the Russians bought a little more than 1 700 new Opel Astra.Togliatti JV plans to produce so-called Chevrolet Astra with a 1.8-liter engine (from a German manufacturer has more options with 1.4 - and 1.6-liter engines) power 125 HP New car "native" build with the same engine and manual transmission in Russia to sell at least $16 000.Recall, Opel Astra in small batches (along with Vectra and Corsa) already makes our Ukrainian neighbor - ZAZ. The cars are assembled from kits imported from Germany, but I hope to establish miloslava Assembly Astra, including welding and painting. For deep Assembly chose this model because it is the most popular among all Opel in Ukraine. As we stated in the press service of Zaza until he sells German cars only at home (according to the law, the plant can be exported, if the Ukrainian share in the cost of the car will reach at least 50% - that is a large part of the components must be of local production). Ukrainian Opel cheaper German about 10%29.10.2003.

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