Vase rose again. But only with factory

Vase rose again. But only with factory AVTOVAZ increased the selling prices of their cars on average by 1.5%. At the plant we said that the retail price of the car is still not affected.According to experts of AVTOVAZ, the price increase applies only to participants factory distribution network. This internal relationship between manufacturer and dealers. Last not so long ago, have already increased retail prices (adjusted for inflation), so the only thing that can happen is a little reduced their walrus. And in the press center of the plant, referring to the leadership of the Directorate of marketing, say, the sellers Vases will not go up at least a month.The current price increase AVTOVAZ - the fourth since the beginning of the year. More specifically, the fourth for 3.5 months: for the first time this year the plant has increased the cost of machines 31 March (until then kept it 9 months), then in early may, and again on June 10.The average factory prices on Vases during this time grew by 8.3%.The cheapest remains "five", which from the factory is about 97 thousand.19.07.2003.

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