"Hearing" air bags - Vehicles

Since 2007 due to the development of Siemens VDO Automotive AG, airbags will begin to operate not only from shock, but from the sound. The company has developed a special sensor that monitors vibrations in the chassis. Thus, the collision is recorded before, and its severity is measured by the sensor within a few milliseconds, after which the sensor includes emissions required airbags and locks the seat belt.Siemens VDO emergency supplies sensors automakers around the world since 1996 and the new sensors should receive wide dissemination. Before installing in the car the sensor is able to `hear` the accident, have been tested millions of times. The device is called Crash Impact Sound Sensor (CISS). The principle of its action is based on the fact that the collision of various severity sound waves are also different. Читать полностью -->

Nissan in January 2003. sold in Russia 469 vehicles

Nissan in January 2003. sold in Russia 469 vehicles Nissan in January 2003. sold in Russia 469 hire - 38% more than in the same period of 2002, according to the Russian representative office of the company.The most popular model of Nissan Primera - sold 158 cars. It is followed by Nissan Almera, whose sales compared with January 2002. rose 0.8% and amounted to 139 cars. Third place is a compact SUV Nissan X-Trail - 77 cars. Читать полностью -->

Panis and Da Matta remain in the Toyota

Panis and Da Matta remain in the Toyota The head of team Toyota Ove Andersson stated that Olivier Panis and Cristiano Da Matta will retain their places in the team in 2004.This has already been stated during the Grand Prix of Germany, when the team visited the President of Toyota Motor Corporation, Fujio Cho, but only today, Toyota has officially confirmed this information.`I am happy to confirm that Olivier and Cristiano will play for us in 2004, " said Andersson. They both did a great job this season and has made an enormous contribution to the development of the TF103"."We look forward to continuing to work with Olivier and Cristiano," says Andersson. Before thinking about the next season, we should try this year to play another place in the Cup of designers`.06.08.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Superkupe Wiesmann GT production-ready

Superkupe Wiesmann GT production-ready On passing in Holland AutoRAI show a small German company Wiesmann has already presented the production version of its new superkupe Wiesmann GT. Recall that the prototype of this model was presented in 2003, and now new fully production-ready it's already taking orders.It should be noted that the compartment Wiesmann GT represents, roughly speaking, a closed version of the model Wiesmann Roadster. However, this model plays the role of flagship of the brand Wiesmann - it will get 4.4-liter petrol engine BMW with a capacity of 333 horsepower. For comparison, the Roadster is powered by either a three-321-horsepower, or a 3.2-liter 343-horsepower motor, which also borrowed from BMW. Coupe Wiesmann GT can accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour for 4.6 seconds and its top speed is 280 km / h.Of the features of this new product can be noted unusual and quite aggressive appearance, which is an outward manifestation of the classic racing cars of the last century, and the original decision of the interior. By the way, all these cars are assembled manually.The cost of the Wiesmann GT in Europe will be slightly less than 100,000 euros, which makes it a great purchase for fans of exclusive sports cars.22.01.2005. Читать полностью -->

The Cup Lada - new "kit"

The Cup Lada - new On the eve of Togliatti was presented a new variant of this model "obveski" for car ring Lada Cup, reports the team's website Lada-Racing.A new "kit" is intended to reduce costs to participants and to facilitate the maintenance of the car.Among the novelties of the absence of serial headlights". The front fenders are made of plastic, and new aerodynamics, according to ingenero is more effective characteristics.01.04.2004. . . . . Читать полностью -->

JSC "AVTOVAZ" wants to sell the plant for the production of "Oka" cars

JSC The management of JSC "AVTOVAZ" is considering the sale of its subsidiary companies Serpukhov plant, which now produces minicar "Oka". It is reported Autonews.ru with reference to the source in automotive circles close to the Volga automobile plant. The representatives of OJSC "AVTOVAZ" such information have so far refused to comment.One of the prospective buyers JSC "SeAZ" is a group of companies "JUICE", which owns the Izhevsk automobile plant and a number of enterprises for the production of components for cars VAZ. Recall that in the first quarter of 2005 Serpukhov automobile produced 4220 car "Oka", which is 16.6% more than in the same period of 2004. All in all, this year it is planned to produce about 20 000 minicars.Meanwhile, you can mention the fact that the fate of the "Oka" cars is currently a big question in the case of entry into force of new environmental regulations on the territory of Russia, to produce these minicar in the form in which they are made now, will become impossible. Experience in the installation plan on the "eye" of modern fuel injection engines have OJSC "KAMAZ", which is also engaged in the production of this model. Читать полностью -->

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